If it was up to me, every car had to have a manual transmission – you feel the car, you control the car, it’s cheaper, it’s easier to maintain. It makes your life easier and it makes driving a pleasure.

I got my driving license at 18 years old – I can drive heavy trucks, trailers, long vehicles, ride motorcycles, both manual and automatic. I’ve driven over 100,000 km in 6 years and I’m just 24 right now. No accidents, no incidents, just a few scratches (I think this is quite normal for everybody).

I think that less than 1,000 km are driven on automatic transmissions. My personal car (An Audi A3) has a manual transmission. My dad’s car (Skoda Octavia) is also manual. We never owned automatic transmission and in Romania (and generally in Europe) there are 50% automatic and 50% manual.

Why am I wondering if they’re going extinct?

I’ve noticed that most manufacturers are eliminating the option to choose a manual (mostly in Europe).

Audi removed the manual transmissions for the S4/S6 and all the 3.0  TDi versions. BMW also. Mercedes also. Everyone now has an automatic option and manual transmissions are available for low cost models.

I think that in 30 years we’ll talk about manual transmissions as if they were fairy tale stories. Story to tell to our children (or grandchildren) – “When I was young I got the chance to drive a manual transmission, what a joy!”

I don’t know what I am going to do when manual transmissions will disappear. I just hope that there will still be manuals. If they will really go extinct, it means that in 30 years I would be driving “historical” vehicles (the vehicles made now).

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